KOALA GAMES is an indie mobile videogame studio located in Barcelona, Spain. Check out our first game OHANA SURF that is available for Android & iOS!

Our Games

GetApp: The Prototype Rescue

It’s a calm day at San Charlisco. Char Lee and his coworkers are eating a paella when something explodes at M.E.O.W Corps HQ last floor, where their millionaire idea is stored in a pendrive. They need your help to rescue their prototype before it's too late!

Dive in this never-ending ascension through action packed puzzles and get there as fast as you can!

Ohana Surf

Ohana Surf is an endless runner game for mobile iOS & Android. The goal is to ride the wave as long as you can, while you avoi the variety of obstacles that will appear as seagulls, sharks, rocks, jellyfishes and other things! Travel around the world and became the most famous surfer!

The Team


Javi Díaz

Developer & Lever Designer


Mathis Paturle

Producer & Lead Developer


Edgar Rodríguez

3D Artist & Level Designer


Special Thanks

Dani Hernández

3D Modeler

Albert Muñoz Rodriguez


Ben Kebler

Art Mentor

Enrique J. Sainz


Isidro Navarro


David Jaumandreu

Mentor, Alpha & Beta Tester

Richard Hebert

Alpha & Beta Tester

Hector Fuster

Alpha & Beta Tester